About Marion

Marion Napoleon – living proof of how victims can become VICTORIOUS!

Marion Napoleon is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Nationwide Corporate & Christian Motivational Speaker, and a Platinum President at Ardyss, International.    She is a Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and a Licensed Real Estate Broker.  Marion has a background in education, corporate, government and christian environments.

Having started her motivational speaking and mentorship career as the spokesperson for Girls Club of America branches when she was only 17, Marion currently travels the world transforming the mind, body and soul of men, women and children, helping them to claim victory over their lives.  Marion is living proof of how victims can become victorious in their lives if they never give up.

In her workshops and seminars, Marion teaches how to press past your past hurts, fears and phobias and coaches you towards your purpose, passion and on to transition.

Marion currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her family.

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