Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour

As a young girl, Natalie Simone ran from men who tried to molest her.  But it finally happened… with a woman.  Refusing to allow her first sexual experience to define who she would be, Natalie Simone ran… again.  As a successful young adult, Natalie Simone appeared poised, proud and confident publicly, but privately she struggled [...]


So many women are seeking to know God and understand his purpose.  However, as Godly women, we often times force them to run the other way.  We like the adulterous woman have things in our past and present that we are and were ashamed of.  To know God is to walk his walk (the cross), [...]

Who Motivates The Motivator?

When a friend is hurting, lost and all alone, I can comfort their heart and guide them home.   When my husband is tired and needs tender loving care, In his arms I fall to let him know that I’m there.   When my kids are feeling sad and tears fall from their eyes, A [...]


In this day and age, pain is becoming all too normal for the average woman. Our leader’s pain and anguish has come to the forefront. Is PAIN your medicine? Is PAIN your game? Is PAIN your shame? The dictionary describes pain in these two simple sentences: 1. The acutely unpleasant physical discomfort experienced by somebody [...]

I Made a List of Friends Today

A friendship should be natural, with no competition in sight. A friendship should teach us what life and love is all about. A friend will not put you on a pedestal, because we all have faults. A friend offers a listen ear when you are afraid or have doubts. A friend’s arms are safe to [...]

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